About The 360 Law Firm

Experienced criminal defense attorney Michelle Bos established the 360 Law Firm to protect the rights, freedoms and futures of a broad range of people accused of serious crimes in Bellingham, Washington.

Her special focuses include defenses of clients' rights against charges that include drug offenses, theft crimes, violent crimes and DUI/DWI arrests, in addition to other serious felonies and misdemeanors.

Ms. Bos's years as a lawyer with a larger firm have led to her belief in the importance of attentive personal service for every client. Combine this focus on responsiveness with the knowledge and commitment needed to produce a positive outcome in any criminal case, and you have a good idea of what goes on every day at our law office.

Your free initial consultation with the 360 Law Firm can be arranged by phone or email. Call 360-389-2940 today.