Were You Arrested For A Serious Criminal Offense?

A serious criminal charge, followed by a jury trial and conviction in court, carries equally serious consequences for your future: long-term imprisonment, substantial fines, a record as a felon and restrictive conditions of parole or probation, upon your release.

Therefore, the criminal defense lawyer who represents you to prosecutors, judge and jury must be deadly serious when protecting your rights at every stage of the judicial process. In Bellingham, that dedicated legal professional is Michelle Bos, founder of the 360 Law Firm.

Ms. Bos is energetic, dynamic and knowledgeable when safeguarding your interests. She insists on offering exhaustive investigation, informed negotiation and effective litigation for clients whose lives and livelihoods are at stake.

Michelle Bos And The 360 Law Firm — Years Of Experience, Dedication To Justice

The broad spectrum of criminal matters that our skilled defense attorney excels in includes:

  • Drug charges such as possession, distribution, trafficking, cultivation and importation, and drug paraphernalia
  • Felony theft charges such as armed robbery, bank robbery, federal white collar crime, identity theft and carjacking
  • Violent crimes that include simple and aggravated assault, domestic violence, criminal sexual assault, manslaughter, homicide and weapons violations
  • Drunk driving after a DUI/DWI stop that puts driving privileges in jeopardy
  • Juvenile crimes such as underage drinking, property crimes and assorted misdemeanor offenses
  • Probation violations when allegations threaten to send the offender back to jail

The 360 Law Firm's felony defense and criminal law offices can defend clients in compelling cases. If you have been arrested, speak to no one until you have discussed your situation with Michelle Bos. Your free initial consultation can be scheduled right now when you call 360-389-2940 or remain at our website to leave an email message.