Preserving Your Driving Privileges After A DUI/DWI Stop

An arrest for drunk driving, especially if it is not your first, could turn your world upside-down.

Suddenly, you face possible driver's license suspension or revocation; hefty fines that drain your finances; a potential jail term; and criminal record, if your arrest came in connection with an accident that caused serious injury or death.

What are your rights? Who do you turn to? How can you survive this legal crisis with your driving privileges intact?

In Bellingham, Washington, the skilled DUI/DWI defense attorney who speaks for your interest throughout the legal process is Michelle Bos, founder of the 360 Law Firm.

Michelle Bos has a record of positive results based on years of experience, and a dedication to achieving justice for her clients in local and state courts. She knows how to research the specifics of your case, bring facts to negotiations with prosecutors and address judges with persuasive arguments that get results. She works hard to reinstate a suspended license and put you back on the road, so you can continue to get to your job and help provide for your family.

There Is Life After DUI — And The 360 Law Firm Can Get You There

Please contact our lawyer in Bellingham if a drunk driving arrest has hampered your freedom of movement. For purposes of arranging a free initial consultation, our phone number is 360-389-2940. We can also be reached by email message.